Maintenance / Service

Reliable maintenance and swift repair services
in a professional environment

M&S takes after sale maintenance and repair seriously

Dedicated service staff who know the features and mechanisms of our advanced instruments will take care of them.
The staff are specialists in electrics, electronics, and mechanics who will ensure the optimal performance of the machine through their activities.
Repair orders are promptly accepted and processed. M&S’s database holds complete records of each maintenance, modifi cation, and repair including quality control records, which helps us to provide accurate and rapid service.

Internal training courses for maintenance work are held regularly which ensures a uniform high level of maintenance work among the service staff.
The course includes study and hands-on of the instruments’ mechanics, principles of operation and places of maintenance.

Certified as JIS Q 17025:2005 compliant

M&S Liquid Handling Service group (Osaka office) was certified as JIS Q 17025:2005 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) compliant.
The certification, which was issued Nov. 22nd, 2007, was the fi rst among the manufacturers and distributors of pipets in Japan.

Manual liquid handling service section provides reliable repairs and calibrations of “Pipetman” families which are handled by staff trained at the manufacturer, Gilson.
Calibration of pipets is performed under ISO 8655 certifi ed procedures in a dedicated temperature and moisture controlled calibration room. The room is maintained at 20 degrees Celsius, 60% relative humidity.