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The M&S Solutions Approach

M&S’s job is to be a bridge between cutting-edge scientific instruments manufactured in the USA or Europe and advanced research activities in Japan. M&S has earned the confidence of its overseas suppliers through its intensive sales, support and service of their instruments in Japan. M&S has also gained its domestic customer’s confidence through its efficient communications with them. M&S sales staff collect information on the overseas instruments and provide it to scientists after understanding their needs by studying recent trends of their fields. This enables M&S sales staff to provide the best products to the scientists. The M&S staff , as a whole, also provide services such as solving application and mechanical/electrical problems.

Multipurpose seminar rooms are available. The rooms are used for the seminars and workshops through which M&S provides tailored supports to its customers.

Powerful Promotion Activities

M&S exhibits and introduces instruments and performs promotional demonstrations with real instruments at trade shows and has booths at bioscience academic meetings such as the Annual meetings of the Japanese Biochemical Societies and the Annual meetings of the Japanese Molecular Biology societies.

Our website

Our website provides information such as company profile, product information and user support. M&S also provides the latest information and communicates with its customers through social networks. In addition to our official Twitter account, M&S now has an official page on Facebook, aimed at providing closer communication and effective transfer of the latest product and technical information.


M&S makes its own brochures which provide detailed information about each product in Japanese. M&S also makes booklets which explain how to use the instruments more effectively. M&S advertises in scientific magazines and by conventional mailing. M&S also provides information by email to prospective customers and provides after sales support and advice to the users by email.