Laboratories / Application

Developing original applications
by laboratory experts

Developing Applications Tailored to Speciific User Requirements

Well-equipped laboratories are at the core of M&S’s technical skills. The laboratories are located in Osaka and Tokyo which are centers of scientific information and communication.
Our extremely knowledgeable staff attend technical training at the facilities of our overseas suppliers when new products are released.
They learn not only specifications, performance and manipulation of the instruments, but also applications and related scientific information. They give in-house training and share their knowledge with sales and service engineers who use it daily.

Our Laboratories is Development of New Applications

The laboratories’ major task is developing tailored applications to meet customers’ needs.
Combining the latest scientific information, needs of the domestic market, and the accumulation of the in-depth knowledge at M&S, we continuously provide unique solutions for our customers.

Applications developed at M&S laboratories are used for sales promotions and marketing of the instruments.
The applications are also forwarded to the overseas suppliers of the instruments, creating strong mutual reliance.